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You may develop a rash due to minor irritation, allergies, or a serious medical condition. Dr. Cynthia Yalowitz is skilled in diagnosing the cause of rashes for men and women in and around Larchmont, New York. Her extensive experience includes state-of-the-art treatments that can help relieve itching and other symptoms, while preventing your rash from recurring. Call Larchmont Dermatology today to address your rash symptoms, or use the online booking agent to make an appointment.

Rash Q&A

What causes skin rashes?

Skin rashes most commonly occur as a result of an allergic reaction or a surface irritation. They can also develop after the long-term use of certain medications or as a side effect of an underlying disease such as shingles, arthritis, Lyme disease, or lupus.

While some rashes clear up on their own, you should have Dr. Yalowitz evaluate any rash that persists, itches, weeps, or disappears and recurs. It’s important to determine their cause before they develop into something more serious.

What is eczema?

The primary type of eczema is atopic dermatitis, a skin condition that typically causes significant itching and is often worse at night. When you scratch the affected area, you develop a rash that may be red and bumpy. Scratching the rash may cause weeping, oozing, and even bleeding.  

The underlying cause of atopic dermatitis isn't known, but researchers believe it's related to a type of allergic reaction. Irritants, temperature changes, stress, and even perspiration can contribute to outbreaks.

Other types of eczema may also cause your rash. You might have eczema on your hands or scalp, and certain types leave scaly plaques on the skin of your arms or legs. Dr. Yalowitz considers all possible eczema types when examining your particular rash.

How are rashes treated?

The treatment for your rash depends on its cause. Dr. Yalowitz carefully examines and evaluates your rash. She acquires a complete personal and family medical history to identify risk factors for diseases that may be responsible. She’ll ask what you were doing when you noticed the rash and shortly before it appeared to identify possible allergic reactions.

Dr. Yalowitz also evaluates any medications and supplements you're taking and reviews any recent changes in your skincare routine or household products like laundry detergents. Depending on your symptoms, she may take skin samples or order blood tests to determine the underlying cause, so your treatment can be as effective as possible.

Treatment options may include topical or oral medications. The staff also address any underlying conditions or medications that may be aggravating your rash.

Don’t put up with an itchy, uncomfortable rash; call Larchmont Dermatology today or book an appointment online.

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