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Laser Treatments

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If you have acne scarring, wrinkles, or tone or texture irregularities, seek out the services of top-ranked dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Yalowitz. She’s skilled in the use of advanced laser treatment to address an array of dermatology issues for patients in Larchmont, New York. Call Larchmont Dermatology or use the online booking agent to schedule a consultation and learn about the range of treatment options to meet your specific needs.

Laser Treatment Q&A

What kinds of laser dermatology treatments are available?

Lasers have a number of applications in dermatology. They are useful in disease treatment, disease prevention, and also have cosmetic applications. Some of the most common dermatological laser procedures provide:

  • Skin resurfacing to smooth uneven tone and texture, reduce or eliminate signs of aging and sun damage, and improve the way your skin looks and feels
  • Reduction or elimination of discolorations, including age spots and sun spots
  • Hair removal for better and more precise results than traditional techniques
  • Treatment of acne scars and other scarring


How do lasers treat skin-related issues?

Lasers emit intense beams of energy that can be focused on very tiny areas for the most precise results possible.

The heat of the laser energy causes controlled damage that can destroy follicles to prevent hair growth, promote and stimulate natural skin healing, break apart scar tissue, or tone and tighten your skin.

Dr. Yalowitz can adjust the laser energy wavelength to direct it at different layers of skin where various types of damage or issues occur.

Lasers are noninvasive, so there are no incisions, blood, sutures, or needles involved. This shortens your healing time so you can enjoy your results sooner. Usually, you can go right back to your daily activities after a laser session.  

Are lasers safe?

Laser technology is completely safe and has been used for decades to successfully treat a variety of medical issues, including issues affecting the skin.

Today's laser systems use the most accurate and precise laser technology to achieve superior results with very few risks or side effects, so you can feel confident in the treatment you receive.

The lasers at Larchmont Dermatology have adjustable wavelengths and other innovative features that enable Dr. Yalowitz to customize each laser treatment. She bases your therapy on your treatment objective, skin type, skin tone, and other factors for superior results.

Does laser treatment hurt?

You may feel a slight stinging sensation when the laser is fired, but the staff at Larchmont Dermatology apply a cooling gel to help keep your skin comfortable throughout treatment. Some lasers also produce a cooling sensation that alternates with the heat energy to keep you comfortable.

To learn more about the ways laser treatment can improve your skin issues, call Larchmont Dermatology or book an appointment online today


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We unfortunately can not participate with every insurance company. However, we will do our best to submit the paperwork for patients who come in "out of network." If you have any other insurance related questions, please contact our office.

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